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John Soss


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John Soss is a Chicagoan/Chicagoer. His spare time over the past decade has mostly been spent scouring the beaches of Chicago, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin in search of a wide variety of manmade and natural things. Whatever he brings home gets distilled into a layout that he documents with a photograph each day. Over time he has experimented with more elaborate designs featuring like-minded objects. These photographs have been exhibited in a Chicago gallery operated by artist Tony Fitzpatrick and his works have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New City Magazine, WGN Radio and Esthetic Lens Magazine. 

"After a couple of thousand beach walks along Lake Michigan, I'm continually amazed at what washes up each day and somewhat distressed knowing that our citizenry treats the lake with such carelessness."

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lighters REV 16x16 at 300dpi.jpeg

"Lighters & Tiparillo Tips"

(up for silent auction on June 10)

Donated Piece:

Photograph printed on aluminum plate, #1 in an edition of 5

16" x 16"

Retail Value: $500 US

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