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Walkers & Runners: Have You Tried Plogging?

Join the movement that combines fitness with cleaning up litter.

What is Plogging?

It’s a portmanteau of “jogging” and “plocka upp,” a Swedish term meaning “pick up.” Plogging entails jogging and quickly stopping to pick up trash while you go. 

Why Plog?

Every year 22 million pounds of plastic debris enters the Great Lakes. As a runner or walker, you’ve probably seen trash scattered across sidewalks, trails, and roadsides. Most people pass right by it and continue with their run—but what if you stopped to pick it up? Better yet, what if runners across the Great Lakes region took up plogging -- the impact could be incredible! Join Great Lakes Great Responsibility in our effort to pick up 1 million pieces of litter in the Great Lakes Basin through the #GreatLakes1Million Challenge.

How Can I Plog?

1. Choose a plogging route
This can be your normal walking/running route or venture to an area you know needs extra litter removal attention.
2. Gather supplies
Find a reusable bag for collecting your litter and consider wearing gloves, like gardening gloves, to help keep your hands safe from sharp objects. 
3. Recruit some friends
Ask the friends you normally walk/run with to switch up their pace and expand their walking/running repertoire with plogging. If you’re a solo runner, feel free to plog on your own.
4. Plog away!
Look for litter as you walk/run. Determine your method: some people like to go plogging in one direction and continue to carry all that they've collected as they go. Others like to create piles of litter, keep jogging, then backtrack with the litter bag and collect the gathered piles on the way home. If you don't want your exercise to be interrupted, consider plogging while warming up and cooling down, leaving the middle section for the serious running.
5. Join the #GreatLakes1Million Challenge
Count how many pieces of trash you pick up (we recommend counting as you go) and report your total numbers of pieces here to contribute to the 1 million piece goal! Every piece counts.
6. Feel GREAT about what you're doing

You're part of the growing movement of people who are giving back to our trails, beaches and forests while honoring self care. Spread the word about your efforts and inspire others! Share photos and/or your trash data on social media, make sure to tag @greatlakesgreatresponsibility. We LOVE seeing your cleanup photos. 

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