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Great Lakes Cleanup Mini Grant

Great Lakes Great Responsibility announces the opening of the grant application period for 2023 Great Lakes Cleanup Mini Grant, designed to help communities in the Great Lakes basin target locations for litter removal and cleanup. In 2023, Great Lakes Great Responsibility will offer two individual merit-based grants, one in March and one in August, in the amount of $500 as a pilot with goals of another round of funding for multiple awards in 2024. Organizations dedicated to eradicating litter and beautifying their communities are encouraged to apply!

The deadline for all applications has been extended to Friday, March 31. All interested organizations should complete the online application and budget spreadsheet. Grant winners will be announced by April 14, 2023 or earlier.



  • Your organization must reside within the Great Lakes Basin and provide benefits to those within that geographic area.

  • Your organization must be recognized as a non-profit charitable organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Schools, school clubs, service organizations and government agencies are also eligible. Grants to religious organizations will be considered only if they serve the general public and do not have religious overtones of a sectarian nature. 

  • You will be asked to provide your organization's EIN.

  • No grants are made to individuals.


  • Grants are made for future projects only. No funding will be given for projects completed before final board approval. Board approval is usually within four (4) weeks of the grant deadline. 

  • Great Lakes Great Responsibility discourages repeated applications for sustained funding of programs.

  • Grant recipients will be required to share:

    1. Photos and/or video of the cleanup project(s)/event(s)

    2. Amount of trash removed (pieces and/or pounds)

    3. Number of volunteers involved

    4. Number of volunteer hours involved



  • Applicants may submit requests up to a maximum of $500 per application cycle unless otherwise indicated.

  • For accounting purposes, all allocated funds are disbursed upon receipt of documentation of the expenditures.



  • Great Lakes Cleanup Mini Grant applications are reviewed two times each year.

  • Completed applications must be submitted by March 31 or August 1.

  • Grants are normally paid within one year of approval. If necessary, a written/emailed request may be submitted for a six (6) month extension.



  • A Grant Committee of Great Lakes Great Responsibility board members makes all allocation recommendations.

  • All recommendations for allocations must be approved by vote of the Great Lakes Great Responsibility board at their monthly meeting following the application deadline.



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