Meet The Board


Allison Schoen

Allison Schoen is from the Lansing,  Michigan area and will be attending Grand Valley State University to study art education this fall. She has always loved the Great Lakes and is excited to be living closer to Lake Michigan! I have always had a passion for taking care of the environment. I am currently in high school and I enjoy being in environment related organizations. I am a part of the earth club and I am the Campaigns Committee Chair for the Lansing Climate Reality Chapter. My favorite campaign that we are working on is Plastic Pollution Reduction where we are working to keep our area free of plastic pollution. I am excited to expand my effort in keeping the Great Lakes clean!

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Alec Ochs

Alec grew up on the southern shores of Lake Erie in a small town called Port Clinton, Ohio. He still live here today, where he spends most of his summers on or as close to the water as possible. He is currently a City Planner for the City of Sandusky, a small city on Lake Erie. As a natural wanderlust, he spends much of his time adventuring outside and traveling.
Alec has always had a deep appreciation for nature and environmental protection. As a kid, he found myself picking up litter on the local beaches for fun. In the summer of 2021, his passion turned into fromStreamtoBay—an apparel business with an environmental mission. For every item purchased, they pick up litter from streams and coasts. 


Ashley Repke

Ashley is a northeast Michigan native whose love for our Great Lakes and the surrounding area began at a young age. Her parents and grandparents taught her how to be a steward of the land and water through hunting, fishing, camping and boating. Ashley studied civil and environmental engineering, with a minor in wetland management, at Michigan Technological University. She currently works for RS Scott & Associates in Alpena, MI as a civil designer and has designed many waterfront parks for local government agencies. Ashley also holds a certificate in Geographic Information Systems and hopes to use that background to impact the way information is shared about our waterways. Ashley and her husband live on Long Lake and have three small children at home. 

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James Mott

James Mott is a Great Lakes native, having lived his whole life in Michigan. Raised in Metro-Detroit, childhood summers in Gladwin, family motel in Barton City, a cabin in Paradise, James has felt at home all over this great state. As a diving educator, James has traveled, dived, and enjoyed the waters of all five of the Great Lakes.

For three decades, James has guided others to see and experience these waters and has hosted beach, shore and underwater clean-ups around Michigan’s in-land and Great Lakes. He is a diving educator, a recurrent public speaker at Shipwreck Festivals, and volunteers his teaching for High School Outdoor Education.

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Amy Sturz

Amy calls Duluth, MN her home and is in love with the shores of Lake Superior. She has earned an undergraduate degree in Field Biology from UW-River Falls, a master's degree in Environmental Science & Policy from UW-Green Bay, and a master's degree in Environmental Education from UW-Steven's Point. She currently works as the social media and marketing coordinator for the Great Lakes Aquarium. She is an avid rock hound, nature lover, and bird wrangler. 


Cheryl Mack

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Shanna Johnson

Shanna Johnson is a Certified Public Accountant in Alpena, Michigan.  She has a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Western Michigan University. She owns her own CPA practice where she serves numerous business and individual clients with tax preparation and other accounting services. She was born a Navy brat and as a child was always stationed with her family in areas surrounded by water. Her father retired from the Navy in 1978 at which time the family moved to Hillman, Michigan. Shanna has lived in Hillman ever since, except for time away at college. Even at a young age, she had a passion against trash.  She would always carry a bag with her to pick up trash along walks with her family. As a girl scout, she began a recycling program on the Naval base where her father was stationed in Maryland and once a month would make the 50 mile trek to Washington DC to the nearest recycling center with a very full pickup truck.  As an adult, the passion against trash has not diminished. She takes a fishing net with her on her paddle boat to pick up cans and stuff off the bottom of the lake where the paddle boat is located (when she can reach the bottom). 

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Meag Schwartz

Meag founded Great Lakes Great Responsibility in 2020 to empower others to take action on behalf of our most precious resource: the freshwater of the Great Lakes. Meag's 

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Great Lakes Guardians

The Great Lakes Great Responsibility Board values your input and wants to hear from you! Send your ideas, questions or concerns to