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Cardtography Design

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Cardtography is the creative outlet for Cameron Seabourne, a local London-based creator with a unique focus - the lakes, rivers and islands of Ontario and beyond. Working from real survey maps of lakes, each depth contour is meticulously traced, and then cut out of coloured cardstock, with darker colours representing deeper contours. Each layer is then hand-assembled into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that captures the natural beauty of the lake and exposes what lies beneath the surface!

"The Great Lakes ARE my work! Living in the Great Lakes basin, London is minutes from both Lake Huron and Lake Erie. These natural wonders formed an enormous part of my childhood, and being able to capture their beauty and bring it home for people is very special!"

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(up for silent auction on June 10)

Donated Piece:

Great Lakes Blue Net Mockup.png

"The Great Lakes"

Papercut map, 5 layers of textured cardstock.

12" x 12"

Retail value: $70 CAD

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