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Rose Garden Studio



Rose Bisanz is a ceramic artist based out of the Ossineke area. She has been working in this particular medium for several years now, playing around with hand built and wheel thrown techniques. Much of her work is inspired by the wildlife that is so prevalent around us in the Northern Michigan area. 

"The Great Lakes are such a major part of all of our lives in this area that sometimes we forget what an impact it has on us. Although my work usually is not directly inspired by the images brought on by our fresh waters, this was a great opportunity to let it do just that. With my clay body already reminding me of the stunning beach sands, all there was left was to bring out some of the blues of the water."

Donated Piece:

(up for silent auction on June 10)

mug for great lakes responsibility.jpg

10 oz stoneware mug with the colors of the lake

Retail Value: $25 US

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