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Mackenzie Page Photography



Mackenzie is a photography and textile artist that lives in Traverse City, Michigan. In 2019 she graduated from Michigan State University with a BFA degree in Photography. She recently started her Fine Art Photography business. The focus of her work is to capture the moments and details of the surrounding environment that we take for granted. 

"Growing up in Michigan, I fell in love traveling to the Great Lakes around my home. They quickly became a safe haven I loved going to whenever I could. As I grew older I have learned about the significant environmental concerns that pose threat to the Great Lakes and surrounding ecosystems. This includes invasive species, the risk of chemical spills from pipelines, and other pollution. I work to capture unique moments and details from the different parts of the region to remind my viewers why it is essential to protect these vital and beautiful bodies of water."

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(up for silent auction on June 10)

Donated Piece:

PRIceCaves1 copy 2.jpeg

"Ice Caves 1"

Photographic Print

Buyer's choice of Luster, Smooth Matte, Velvet, or Torchon finish

11" x 14"

Retail Value: $30 US

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