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Smiling Moon



Emily Agosta is the creator of Smiling Moon, a tiny corner of social media that she's carved out to share and sell her handmade creations, her love of the moon, astrology, gardening and her appreciation for the beauty of nature. She specializes in resin jewelry, in particular, custom items, such as memorial jewelry, as well as capturing other materials like sand and dried flowers. She also creates other handmade items such as crystal infused candles and wreaths. She is a mama to two adorable young children. She works full time, and so Smiling Moon has become her passion project. Her family resides in Eastern Ontario, in the small community of Kemptville.

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" There is a special energy and unmatched beauty that comes from these massive fresh bodies of water, and the communities that surround them. It's like no other energy I've experienced. Last time I visited I collected sand in efforts to recreate the look and feel of those beaches in the form on a pendant. They quickly became my most popular pieces. Even becoming the inspiration to many of the memorial/cremation pieces that I've done. It was amazing to see how many people felt connected to the Great Lakes, just as I had."

(up for silent auction on June 10)

Donated Piece:


Lake Huron Inspired Beach Pendant

Made with Lake Huron sand, in gold finished alloy triangle pendant on a 22 inch gold finished stainless steel chain.

Retail Value: $30 CAD

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